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Speciale ITALIA - Venezia 2014

Anime nere

Venezia 2014 - IN CONCORSO The rich story of a criminal family from the Southern region of Calabria plays out like a contemporary Western, where the call to blood law and an emphasis on revenge are commonplace and acceptable notions of justice...

Hungry hearts

Venezia 2014 - IN CONCORSO The relationship of a couple who meet by chance in New York City is put to the test when they encounter a life or death circumstance.

Il giovane favoloso

Venezia 2014 - IN CONCORSO A biopic of Giacomo Leopardi, the great romantic poet known for his odes about Italy as a fallen nation.


Venezia 2014 - IN CONCORSO The death of a man who has never resigned. Counting the last day of Pier Paolo Pasolini, November 2, 1975. In Rome, he contact his lover, a young prostitute with whom he agrees to a meeting with other "street boys" for the next evening. Meanwhile, his family warned him: he must stop writing inflammatory articles against the government, it's too dangerous. But Pasolini wants to denounce injustice, what it costs.

The Cut

Venezia 2014 - IN CONCORSO Mardin, 1915: one night, the Turkish police rounds up all the Armenian men in the city, including the young blacksmith, Nazaret Manoogian, who is separated from his family...

Italy in a day - Un giorno da italiani

Venezia 2014 - FUORI CONCORSO Remake of "Life in a Day" by Kevin MacDonald.

La trattativa

Venezia 2014 - FUORI CONCORSO An investigation about the "negotiation" between Italian State and Mafia.

La zuppa del demonio

Venezia 2014 - FUORI CONCORSO La zuppa del demonio is an expression used by Dino Buzzati in a 1964 documentary to describe the production of steel in the blast furnaces of Taranto. An irresistible metaphor for the utopia of industrial and technological progress as a solution to humanity's problems...


Venezia 2014 - FUORI CONCORSO Zingaretti plays the role of Perez, an incorruptible lawyer who lives and works at the Centro Direzionale of Naples and, as a result of dangerous personal affairs, will completely change way of life and begin to break every rule, for the sake of his daughter, played by Matilda Gioli.


Venezia 2014 - FUORI CONCORSO The 1940s, Eastern Europe. Tsili is an adolescent girl of 17. Her parents and the rest of her family have been deported to the camps. With the instincts of a tiny animal, she has built herself a nest in the vast forest overlooking the valley, where she used to walk when she was a child. From time to time, she goes down to the villages to beg for food from the peasants...

Belluscone, una storia siciliana

VENEZIA - ORIZZONTI The film critic Tatti Sanguineti arrives in Palermo to find out what has happened to Franco Maresco's unfinished movie: Belluscone. Una storia siciliana. A film that was supposed to tell the story of the unique relationship between Berlusconi and...

La vita oscena

VENEZIA - ORIZZONTI Inspired by the novel by Aldo Nove, this is the dramatic coming-of-age story of a boy who takes his experiences to the point of seeking death, only to be reborn. His favourite poet chose death, but he finds the strength to survive and tell about his "obscene life".

Senza nessuna pieta'

VENEZIA - ORIZZONTI Mimmo vorrebbe fare solo il muratore, perché gli piace più costruire palazzi che rompere ossa. Invece recuperare crediti, con le cattive, è parte integrante del suo mestiere, almeno secondo il signor Santili, suo zio nonché datore di lavoro. Mimmo vive in un mondo feroce dove si rispettano regole e ruoli, se si vuol tirare a campare senza problemi: giusto o sbagliato che sia, è l'unico mondo che conosce. Tutto cambia quando ...

Io sto con la sposa

VENEZIA - ORIZZONTI FUORI CONCORSO A Palestinian poet and an Italian journalist meet five Palestinians and Syrians in Milan who entered Europe via the Italian island of Lampedusa after fleeing the war in Syria ...

9x10 Novanta

VENEZIA - GIORNATE DEGLI AUTORI Nine filmmakers for one extraordinary archive. The Istituto Luce turned ninety in 2014, its long history intertwined with that of Italy itself, through cinema and that unique treasure trove of images known to all as the Luce Archives. To celebrate its anniversary, some of the most acclaimed rising filmmakers in Italy were invited to make a small film, with each director selecting ten minutes of footage from the archives ...

I nostri ragazzi

VENEZIA - GIORNATE DEGLI AUTORI Once a month, for years now, two brothers whose personalities and life choices couldn´t be more different - one a top lawyer, the other a politically-engaged pediatrician, their respective wives perennially at war with each other have met at a fancy restaurant, until one night, their kids pull off a stunt stupid enough to upset the precarious balance of the two families...


VENEZIA - GIORNATE DEGLI AUTORI A factory worker, a labor unionist and an office worker, holed up on the top of a tower while their factory is in the throes of closing due to the economic crisis, go over their shared past and relive the transitions in Italy´s recent history over three dramatic decades, from the assassination of Aldo Moro to the present day. From afar, high in the sky, they gaze at a country they can no longer work out ...

Arance e martello

VENEZIA - SETTIMANA INT. DELLA CRITICA The Market is a 'historic' film in 'costume', set in the warm summer of 2011, two years ago, in the midst of the powerful Berlusconian reign. The life of a simple and ordinary corner market is overturned by the news that the local authorities are closing down the market. The only political help they can get is from a section of the PD (democratic party) ...

Dancing with Maria

VENEZIA - SETTIMANA INT. DELLA CRITICA Maria Fux is an elderly Argentinian dancer. In her studio in the centre of Buenos Aires, she welcomes dancers from all walks of life, including women and men with physical and mental impairments, and arranges integrated dance groups...

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Sindrome veneziana (1994)

Torna indietro

Sindrome veneziana (1994)

Venetian Syndrome

Regia/Director: Carlo U. Quinterio
Soggetto/Subject: Carlo U. Quinterio
Sceneggiatura/Screenplay: Daniela Burchielli, Fulvio Mozzachiodi
Interpreti/Actors: David Brandon (Paolo), Olivia Ancker (Katherina), Sandra Collodel (Beate), Marisa Solinas (Francesca), Carlo Monni (uomo con baffi), David Hess (Walter), Enzo Samaritani (cantante), Beatrice Macola (Regina), Ornella Grassi (capo infermiera), Murielle Pianazza Moretti (infermiera), Pier Paolo Piacentini (1° studente), Flavio Venturi (2° studente), Fabiola Baghisio, Gianni Cacciarini, Rossano Campanini, Federica Capocchi, Fabrizia Casalini, Roberto Conga, Giovanni Crespi, Alberto Donati, Roberto Franchi, Massimo Gianchini, Antonio Pannia, Franco Prosperi, Eleonora Quinterio, Luisa Augusta Quinterio, Federico Rosati, Jenny Vincker
Fotografia/Photography: Giancarlo Ferrando
Musica/Music: Stefano Curti
Costumi/Costume Design: Enrica Barbano
Scene/Scene Design: Luciano Calosso
Montaggio/Editing: Otello Colangeli
Suono/Sound: Stefano Lugli
Produzione/Production: Cinevega
Vendite all'estero/Sales abroad: Media Creative Entertainment
censura: 89890 del 20-12-1994
Altri titoli: Venetian Syndrome
Trama: La vicenda ha inizio a Firenze dove Katherina, una giovane turista tedesca, si è recata per riprodurre in disegno, alcune delle vedute artistiche della città. Durante le visite ai musei, alle piazze e alle chiese, Katherina comincia ad awertire inspiegabili malesseri: le tornano alla memoria immagini di una strana esperienza trascorsa a Venezia, dove aveva partecipato ad un misterioso rito d'iniziazione, arrivando a perdere il controllo della situazione e di se stessa. Il susseguirsi di queste sensazioni porta Katherina ad una tale confusione mentale da costringerla al ricovero in una clinica specializzata. Paolo, lo psicanalista, la prenderà in cura e nell'aiutarla a ricordare le emozioni precedentemente vissute, scoprirà con lei l'amore: tutto questo in uno splendido susseguirsi di sensazioni fra dottore e paziente.
Sinopsys: Action takes place in Florence, where Katherina, a young German tourist, is staying to make e few sketches of the city. As she's visiting the city's museums, historic squares and churches, Katherina begins to feel an inexplicable sense of dread: she is flooded by memories of a strange experience in Venice, where she participated in a mysterious initiation rite that made her lose control of the situation and of herself. These strange and continual sensations bring Katherina to the brink of mental confusion and force her to commit herself to a specialized clinic. Paolo, the psychiatrist, takes Katherina on as his patient. As he helps her to recall her feelings from the traumatic experience, they discover they're in love: all this in a splendid deluge of sensation between doctor and patient.